The 4 Best Fidget Spinners of 2017

What are the best fidget spinners as of right now?

The Best Budget Spinner:

So everyone’s got shiny new spinners, but you’re thinking “I don’t have 100$ to spend on a freaking spinner!”

Say no more, the Pro Fidget Spinner is here!

It might not be the greatest Fidget Spinner on the market, but I guarantee it is a great one, and sure as hell has the best price-quality relationship you can find!


  • Great price-quality relationship
  • It’s made from real steel, not crappy metal
  • Caps are removable


  • You need to order 4 to get free shipping

Overall: 4 Stars

The Best Modular Spinner:

Second on the list, a really cool spinner:

This is the Big Baller

The Big Baller is the best modular spinner we were able to find.

At just 10$ you get a fully customizable hand spinner with hundreds of possible combinations.


  • It’s a cheap high-quality customizable spinner
  • The counterweight metal ball configuration can be altered
  • Indented Caps make it easier to perform tricks


  • You need to buy at least 2 to get the full “customization experience”

Overall: 4.5 Stars

The Best Incognito Spinner:

Are you a student or an office worker who doesn’t want to get fired or punished for playing with a hand spinner instead of working?

The Secret Service Spinner is here for you!

This awesome spinner is not only super discrete but is also shockingly light!



  • It’s new ultra high-speed R188 bearing locking system can keep it spinning up to 5 minutes
  • It’s really discrete
  • Looks pretty cool


  • It’s slightly expensive
  • It can get lost easily because of its size

Overall: 4 Stars

The Best Overall Spinner:

It’s time for the king of the spinners!

I present you the Executive Spinner!

This premier spinner outperforms its competition by using the cutting-edge newly released R188 bearing locking system, it is so smooth and quiet that surpasses all the acclaimed 120$+ spinners, by a fraction of the cost.

Not the mention it’s exquisite looks, this prominent spinner is not only a power player but without a doubt the best looking spinner there is.

This all comes at the 40$ price, which although it’s expensive, it’s a cheap price to pay for this masterful spinner.


  • It has the quality of a 120$+ spinner
  • It is incredibly fast
  • Customizable caps
  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Free Shipping


  • If you have big fingers, your thumb may rub against the bars, so you will need to put your hands in a less comfortable way

Overall: 5 Stars