Hand Spinners, The Truth Behind The New Trend

Suddenly everyone has got a Fidget spinner…


First, let’s see what is a fidget spinner and what is the story behind fidget toys:

What are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are the upgraded version of stress balls…

…they look like a drone’s propeller, and although the first ones were just cheap pieces of metal that were able to spin…

they are now able to spin ultra fast, make no noise, and some are even capable of flying

prices vary quite a lot too, 

a cheap fidget spinner can be bought for about 2$ while a high-end collectible flying one can cost up to 10.000$

 When did Fidget Spinners come around?

Fidget spinners actually date back to 1990, although their popularity grew drastically in 2017

The inventor of the Fidget Spinner was actually not Catherine Hettinger (like Wikipedia claims)…

… She did acquire the patent for this toy, but she herself admitted to the public that fidget spinners were her interest and not her invention

Fidget Spinners are no longer a tool, they’re a business now

Fidget SpinnerFor better or for worse, Fidget spinners are no longer just for children with anxiety problems or other stressful conditions

They are a business and a market opportunity

And the prices reflect that reality

Still, the benefits are real, so don’t forget that, although fidget spinners are a cool toy to spin all day long…

… they can help preventing and treating several conditions like ADHD, Anxiety or Fury.

What other Fidget Toys are there?

Fidget Spinner

Hell, plenty is all I can say!

Here at Fidget Spinner Plus we obviously review fidget spinners only

Yet there are lots of other fidget toys like:

  • The Mighty Fidget Cube
  • Stress Balls
  • Rizzle Fidget
  • CAVN 12 Fidget
  • Roller Chain Fidget
  • Infinity Fidget Ball
  • Gear Spinner Pendant Necklace
  • Pencil fidgets
  • Desktop Fidgets

The list goes on…

Fidget Cube

And of course, there needs to be a chapter on fidget cubes on a fidget related blog!

The Mighty Fidget Cube

Here is a review of the overall best we’ve tested. They are all practically the same so the what we were looking for was build resistance and price.

The BOX VR Fidget cube

The BOX VR Fidget Cube has a high-quality build, unlike the cheap ones from eBay or amazon) and it’s price dropped recently, giving it a great price-quality relationship.



  • Great Quality
  • Available in many colors
  • Free Shipping


  • With 15$ you can get a great fidget Spinner, which is way cooler


Final note

Fidget spinners may be just a trend, but fidget toys are here to stay

And these peculiar toys are already everywhere

They are a great way to unload stress

And also a great way to burn some time

Just make sure you don’t overplay with them!